Z Automation is a division of INDEVO s.r.l. Our consultants can support you in the choice of the right technology and in the development of control systems, systems for axes synchronization and management of complex movements.

Our motion control technologies find application in a number of fields, such as automated processing lines, numerically controlled machine tools, automated packaging machines, robots and robot systems, and many more.

We program and work with almost any PLC. Thanks to our expertise we can support our customers in choosing the right technology for their needs.

We develop motion control systems, applicable to a number of tools, from stepper motors to complex axes motion technologies. Our systems can find applications for transport and sorting, packaging, printing and wrapping, palletisation, canning, test benches, and many more fields.

What are the benefits of our consultancy services?

  • Holistic approach;
  • Safe installations;
  • Flexible and scalable systems;
  • Open and expandable systems;
  • High performance.