MES: Manufacturing Execution System

With Manufacturing Execution System (MES) we indicate a computerized system that has the main function of managing and controlling the productive function of a company. The management involves the dispatch of the orders, the progress in quantity and time, the payment to the warehouse, as well as the direct connection to the machinery to deduce information useful for integrating the execution of the production as to produce information for the control of the production itself.

IOTAR MES is a web application that provides the user with various tools, which allow you to easily manage the main tasks of data analysis and management.

Data analysis is a series of operations that allow us to highlight information that is useful in achieving the intended purpose. These operations can relate to the real-time display of data, simultaneously providing statistics on the production, maintenance and operations of the employees.

One of the peculiar characteristics of IOTAR MES is the vast assortment of management functionalities, such as the possibility of importing and exporting data that can relate to customer information, item management and organization of the latter, in order to make management more fluent.

With Iotar Mes, finally, it is possible not only to connect to production facilities by purchasing directly from the signals / data from the machines, but also to send signals / data to the machine to automate activities such as the production line setup.