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Traceability, Localization, Access Control

Improve business processes and warehouse management with a radio frequency identification system designed specifically for your company.

RFID technology:
monitor the goods and optimize production

RFID technology is based on memories that contain data, RFID tags, read remotely by special RFID readers (antennas, terminals, gates, etc.).

With RFID technology it is possibledesign and equip gates with UHF readers, to be used in industrial environments and warehouses close to loading docks, for the management of automatic identification of inbound and outbound logistic procedures.

It is also possible to realize also RFID gates on production lines to monitor the movement of pieces and products: in this way, RFID technology becomes a solution for the improvement of the warehouse, but also of the production processes.







With our solution, you can to monitor all the critical points of your production line and track the goods in and out of the warehouse.


RFID systems are subject to industry 4.0 incentives

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Consulting and development of customized RFID projects and solutions

The radiofrequency identification systems, or RFID, allow you to reduce waste, reduce errors and optimize production, warehouse management and shipping processes.

For over 10 years we have been developing custom projects based on RFID technologies.

We carry out consultancy, provide the most suitable RFID solutions and post installation assistance in Italian.

Our experience allows us to develop customized RFID systems even in those almost where the radiofrequency signals are difficult to use, such as in the presence of metal plates, which tend to shield the signal.

We develop custom RFIDs, antennas, coatings and tags / transponders even with less sensitivity to the physical environment, i.e. liquids and metals, and to spatial orientation.

Less sensitivity to the environment and greater reading accuracy mean, in practical terms, avoid “false positives”, ie unwanted readings.

An example?
We are able to provide you with RFID-equipped forklifts, to monitor the goods even when they are on the road!


To optimize warehouse processes, we also offer MiR robots which, with the help of RFID solutions controlled by ZWMS, allow you toautomate transport with low added value, eliminating repetitive actions.

Tutto il lavoro è ispirato da un approccio creativo rivolto alla collaborazione, all’adattabilità e alle prestazioni che favoriscono l’efficientamento della logistica interna.


RFID systems are subject to industry 4.0 incentives

Get the best solution for your business


RFID solutions can be used along the entire production and goods handling chain, responding to various needs:


Univocal identification of an entity. Follow the movements of raw materials and semi-finished products on pallets handled by forklifts or forklifts in general.


Reduction of the cost of carrying out inventories, by automatically verifying the presence or absence of a tool or raw material inside the cabinets and shelving.

Warehouse mapping

Speeded up identification process and no longer entrusted to the operator’s memory, therefore free from risk of error.

Product identification

Traceability of uniquely identifiable objects. Recognition and identification of the components to be machined.

Fraud prevention

Assign a unique label to each object, which cannot be read by anyone who is not authorized.

Access control

Attendance tracking linked to the staff management software.


Reading of pallets loaded on trucks through the gate.

Thanks to partnership with ASE, we develop projects with high quality technology.
We guarantee post installation assistanceand we support you in case of need.

lettori rfid z-automation

Portable readers

lettori RFID zautomation

Readers with different characteristics

tag rfid zautomation

Tag for any need


RFID systems are subject to industry 4.0 incentives

Are you looking for the best solution for your business?

Critical conditions? Choose SAW RFID solutions

Metal walls, high temperatures, high-energy X-rays, or gamma-ray sterilization are conditions that can compromise the functionality of RFIDs.

In all these cases, we can develop SAW RFID systems, that overcome these obstacles and exploit a cheaper chip,in combination with a smaller and less expensive tag antenna,for a substantial cost advantage over traditional IC-based tags.

Advantages of SAW RFID Tags:

  • Overcome the many limitations of IC-based RFID chips, including power requirements and performance limitations;
  • It can work all over the world, in compliance with RF industry regulations;
  • It is significantly cheaper than traditional IC-based RFID chips;
  • Provides a virtually unlimited number of identification codes;
  • Provides superior reading range while maintaining accurate, high-speed readings.


RFID systems are subject to industry 4.0 incentives

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