Production Management, Monitoring, Control and Planning

The first MES management system in Italy that respects the principles of Industry 4.0

NET@PRO is the MES that speaks 7 languages, active 20,000 users every day.

We are authorized distributors of Qualitas MES NET@PRO.

We help manage your factory in an integrated way with a system that allows your assets to communicate according to Industry 4.0 standards.

For manufacturing companies that want to have real-time production control, we provide a 360° Software that guarantees maximum production efficiency.


The NET@PRO system allows data collection and activity monitoring through a dashboard for real-time productivity indicators.

It allows planning from short-term to medium/long-term production planning using special tools
which allow the management of the needs of materials and capacities.

The MES NET@PRO System, easy to integrate and bidirectionally interconnect with departmental machines according to the prerequisites of Industry 4.0, is ideal for traceability and complete warehouse management.

In addition to the department machines, the MES NET@PRO software is easy to integrate with external systems such as ERP, APS, CPM. This ensures a smooth and agile exchange of information with other business systems.

The NET@PRO Software speaks 7 languages ​​and is the only MES software to have advanced pre-configured models created by drawing on 30 years of manufacturing know-how in over 20 industrial sectors.

Our strength is experience!

Experience in more than 20 industrial sectors:
• Food&Beverage
• Forging, stamping and
metal working
• Machining
• Machinery and plants
• Wood and furniture
• Plastic
• Electric motors
… and many others



NET@PRO is the MES that implements smart manufacturing and allows you to obtain industry 4.0 incentives


Full Web, Real Time, Simulation, Proactive and Always Updated.

Production management

MES NET@PRO constantly monitors factory events: it generates alerts and notifications to function managers. The real-time reporting of anomalies allowing you to intervene instantly to block waste and negative effects in the bud.

Programming and Planning

The system makes it possible to simulate production scenarios with infinite and finite capacity and offers important decision support in the planning process. The department head will be able to decide the optimal sequence of the work phases with particular attention to the critical issues relating to the availability of materials and resources.

Logistics and Traceability

NET@PRO allows you to manage the handling of materials in a simple and effective way to obtain both traceability and traceability of the products. The WMS module is available to optimize material handling.


NET@PRO ergonomically and reliably manages the testing and process quality controls carried out by operators on board the machine and by users of the quality office. The integration with the MES NET@PRO guarantees that the quality checks are carried out quickly and effectively according to what is foreseen by the quality control plans.


Thanks to the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) module, NET@PRO manages preventive, scheduled and fault-based maintenance. Maintenance, integrated with the progress of production, operates through a structured process that collects, manages and shares information on maintenance activities.

Integration with machines

NET@PRO through the FDI module allows bidirectional connection to the machines and devices present in the department: it acquires the signals/data from the machines and sends them to the plants. It therefore allows you to automate strategic activities such as
the equipment of the production lines.

Analysis of economic variations

With NET@PRO it is possible to have control of production costs. This system is the ideal partner to aid agile management of your business. NET@PRO indeed correlates factory events to financial metrics, to improve the quality of decisions and expected results.

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