Anti-shoplifting for the safety of your goods and your store

Indevo’s UHF RFID Anti-theft Gates are structures designed for the identification of non- authorized to leave your stores or establishments

We have been developing custom projects based on RFID technologies for over 10 years.

We carry out consultancy, provide the most suitable RFID solutions and post-installation assistance in Italian.

Our experience allows us to develop customized RFID systems even in those areas where radio frequency signals are difficult to use, such as in the presence of metal plates, which tend to shield the signal.


Indevo’s UHF anti-shoplifting gates are two iron columns for the identification of pallets/goods in transit through pedestrian gates.

Indevo’s UHF anti-shoplifting gates are made up of uhf readers with 1 to 8 antennas and a complete system of integrated I/Os; allow very high performance, are able to identify with extreme reliability multiple objects equipped with RFID tags that pass through the door, even in situations where the tags are extremely close to each other (a few mm) and in overlapping situations (dozens of tags l ‘one on top of the other).

Our UHF anti-shoplifting GATEs perform readings in a few milliseconds and this makes their use particularly suitable for the retail sector.

The dimensions can be customized including the position of the readers and antennas which can be studied ad-hoc by Indevo personnel.


Operating frequency

865-868MHZ (EU), 902-928MHZ (USA)

Data format

With player proprietary SDKs

EPC followed by CRLF in text format (available with zwms)
APIs available with REST call (available with zwms)


> 20kg

Connection Interface</ b>

Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
(Optional Wi-Fi)


from 1 to 8 Integrated/external antennas


Height up to 2 mt – Width up to 2 mt –
customizable according to needs

Power (V)

Reading unit: 24 Vdc 2.0A

External power supply 100-240 Vac 50/60Hz

Buzzer sound

90dB continuous or intermittent sound level at 30cm.


Excluded. Upon request


RFID systems are subject to incentives for industry 4.0

Get the best solution for your business

RFID technology:
monitor the goods and optimize production

RFID solutions can be used along the entire production and goods handling chain, responding to different needs:


Unique identification of an entity. Tracking the movement of raw materials and semi-finished products on pallets moved by forklift trucks or forklifts in general.


Reduction of the cost of carrying out inventories by automatically verifying the presence or absence of a tool or raw material in the cabinets and shelves.

Warehouse mapping

Identification process speeded up and no longer entrusted to the operator’s memory, therefore free from risk of error.

Product Identification

Traceability of uniquely identifiable objects. Recognition and identification of components to be processed.

Fraud prevention

It assigns each object a unique label that cannot be read by unauthorised persons.

Access control

Time recording linked to personnel management software.


Reading of pallets loaded on trucks through gates.

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