Robots for dangerous environments

We design and manufacture Robots to carry out controls in environments at risk to ensure the safety of human operators. We are able to meet the […]

Smart floor

One of our clients needed to count the number of people passing through certain areas of their company. The areas are in open spaces and therefore […]

Innovative table football

ZINFORMATICA has designed an electronic system to interface to a common table football, this solution is able to detect the goals, the time of ball possession, […]

ReStart Your Industry

Imagine having complete flexibility in purchasing, designing and using your industrial software. Zautomation lets you do this! Thanks to the flexible subscription options, we support companies […]

IOTAR App for the chemical industry

One of our important Lombard customers in the chemical industry industry has expressed to us two basic needs for the company, that is to have an […]

PLC Forensics

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) automate the monitoring of infrastructure processes. Due to the convergence of network infrastructures, PLCs may be exposed to cyber attacks with serious […]

Identification system and location of objects.

An important client of ours asked us to develop a system for the automated identification of objects in order to establish their location in special baskets. […]

Distributor for protection and personal safety

An important customer in Lombardy has asked us to develop a project for the automated distribution of personal protection devices to visitors who need access to […]

Do not move form your home, offer support to your customers remotely.

IOTAR remote assistance offers the possibility to act in real time providing assistance to customers / users, on any mobile device (tablet, smartphone). This can be […]

Product tracking with IOTAR and augmented reality in the production phase.

Zautomation’s Zinformatica division applied the IOTAR solution for tracking products in industrial production. One of our customers from Como had the need to verify the traceability […]

Control access of personnel and vehicles

One of our customers in the industrial sector of Milan, in rapid growth , has shown the need to manage access control of personnel and vehicles, […]

Food traceability with IOTAR and augmented reality.

Zautomation’s Zinformatica division has applied its augmented reality product IOTAR in several sectors including food. One of our customers from the Emilia-Romagna fishing and fruit and […]

Quality Testing Program with Siemens PLC.

With the advent of the Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Zautomation has increasingly developed an ability to design, implement and manage complex […]

Fast and effective data acquisition systems

We designed a system for fast data acquisition for a major producer of valves and actuators for high-profile offshore companies, operating in Lecco, Italy. Our client […]

Optical system for motor RPM measurement

Zinformatica is an IT company founded in 2007. We design solutions for companies that operate in the sectors of consumer electronics, industrial automation, domotics, robotics, and […]

Vision system and RFID for warehouse logistics

Zautomation has completed a project in the logistic sector for a major client in the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. The project is part of the […]

Automation for packaging production lines

Systems for product processing, product handling, automated packaging and goods supervision With the advent of Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Zautomation has […]

Data acquisition system for fitness equipment

In the context of the latest technological evolution, Zautomation has designed a system to carry out “challenges” on fitness equipment. The project was implemented for a […]

Tracking of inventory operations and Biometric-RFID access for people and goods

One of our clients near Varese, in Northern Italy, is a fast-growing company which we helped in solving two nagging problems. Firstly, they wished to install […]

Waste collection and authorized accesses with RFID / barcode.

Zinformatica has designed Smart Bin Access, a multifunction product for access control of doors, waste bins and pedestrian accesses. Smart Bin Access has been included in […]