IOTAR Vision inspection system

Vision Inspection System

This system can be implemented in autonomous stations but also in apps for smartphones or tablets; it can also be combined with pre-existing vision systems on automatic or manual lines.


-Assembly check and identification of deformed parts
- Reading of letters
- Assessment of defects
- Texture and material grouping
- Identification of components
-Test compliance, objectification
- Warehouse optimization
- Analysis of similar or interchangeable products

Identify the product.

Identifies a product of any type or size within a set of similar items to be identified by range.

Manual assembly control.

IOTAR is used to check the progress of production at each manual assembly site and to suggest to the operator the next steps or errors in real time.

Online control.

IOTAR when integrated in line can automatically detect production defects (e.g. crease and/or dirty or broken fabrics, double weft, missing wire, overflowing, dimensional controls) and manage waste logic or production downtime in the most severe cases.

Quality control of the finished product

IOTAR checks for you the balance of the product, identifies the non-conformities of the production in order to highlight the defects and manage the stock as fast and performing as possible.

IOTAR Vision Inspection System for assembly control

IOTAR can check all the assembly phases of the products by suggesting to the operator the correct sequence and the parts to be used in order to speed up production and avoid assembly errors.