Vision Systems

Operating in the field of artificial vision applied to industry, we develop vision systems that can be easily integrated with your industrial equipment.
We offer consultancy services for a number of custom solutions: vision systems, image acquisition systems, pre-processing, motion recognition, shape and frame recognition, high-level processes, speed detection, motor RPM detection, quality control, industrial automation, etc.

We program and work with almost any PLC. For this reason we can support our clients in the choice of technological tools that most suit their needs.

Our systems have several fields of application: robot positioning and guidance, smart cameras, quality control, and more.

What are the benefits?

  • Faster production process;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Complete and flexible systems;
  • Contactless;
  • Improved quality standards;
  • Custom systems;
  • Real-time data acquisition

We create cutting-edge industrial vision solutions, using the best manufacturers and standards on the market (Beckhoff, Keyence, Dahua, Baumer, Dalsa, Allied Vision, LMI, OpenCV, HALCON, etc.) or by developing our own custom hardware.

We can also boast an collaboration with Stemmer Imaging, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of artificial vision technology, such as vision systems, illuminators, cables and software.