Solutions for the textile sector

Quality control and traceability of garments

The solutions for the textile production sector simplify management by bringing new intelligence which, through the quality control and traceability of the garments, allows us to best respond to the logistical needs typical of this kind of service.

Vision system for quality control

Textile industries manage thousands of garments every day and need to identify their quality automatically before, after or during the cycle of workmanship to guarantee the highest quality to its customers.

For this reason, our company has created vision systems designed for fabric control, crease detection and automatic defects.

The system works directly on a loom for manufacturing companies for fold and/or fabric control.

This system automatically detects the typical weaving defects caused by loom malfunctions (double weft, missing thread, straggling, etc.), but it can also be used to carry out, for example, dimensional checks or for fold and/or fabric checks. The advantages deriving from the adoption of this system materialize in an immediate increase in quality having the certainty that the entirety of a product falls within the pre-established parameters.


Our systems are subject to incentives for industry 4.0

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RFID technology:
monitor the goods and optimize production

RFID technology is based on memories that contain data, RFID tags, read remotely by special RFID readers (antennas, terminals , gates, etc.).

With RFID technology it is possible to design and equip gates with UHF readers, to be used in industrial environments and warehouses close to loading bays, for automatic identification management of inbound and outbound logistics procedures.

Automatic identification has its value in a special microchip that exploits the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Requested by an RFID reader, the tag activates a process of communication and data exchange in reading and writing; this allows a unique serial code (TID) to be inserted inside the tag which, since it cannot be forged, guarantees an extremely effective traceability system.

The RFID tags can also be read massively, even when the objects to which they are attached are superimposed on each other or closed in a box.


RFID systems are subject to incentives for industry 4.0

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Our solutions can be used along the entire production and goods handling chain, responding to different needs:


Unique identification of an entity. Follow the movements of raw materials and semi-finished products in the production chain


Reduction of the cost of carrying out inventories, automatically verifying the presence or absence of certain products.

Quality check

Identification of damaged garments within the production process

Product identification

Traceability of uniquely identifiable objects. Recognition and identification of the components to be machined.

Sorting times

RFID tags help reduce sorting times during the manufacturing process.

Management costs

Thanks to the abatement of various processes, it is possible to obtain a reduction in management costs

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RFID systems are subject to incentives for industry 4.0

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