About us

We are a team
of expert programmers


Zautomation, a division of Zinformatica, is a company active since 2007. It was born from the entrepreneurial idea of professionals operating for years in the industrial sector. Zautomation provides industries with industrial automation services and systems and embedded and real-time technologies.

ZAutomation has been working for years, in close contact, with various business sectors such as the installation of systems, the construction of switchboards, checks and calibrations of tools and maintenance, which allow us to face every automation request, taking into account a complete and "organic" vision of the client company.

These requests are addressed by providing different services such as:
• Basic and detailed design
• System configuration
• Configuration and development of DCS and PLC architectures
• SCADA software development and operator panels
• Testing protocols.

Support and Assistance.

We provide support to our clients from the first contact to the post-sales phase. Our professional consultants will address your needs, providing quick and effective customer support.

Result-oriented work ethic.

Thanks to our expertise and broad set of competencies we understand your goals and find the best way to reach them successfully.

Continuing innovation.

Our company invests 40% of profits on technological and methodological research. We do this to provide our clients with cutting-edge, innovative solutions thanks to the latest Italian and international technologies.

Our values

Our reason to exist is to support customers in improving the performance of their technological processes, ensuring continuity, attention and sustainable maximization of value.
With passion, energy and expertise in technology and innovation, we provide effective and targeted responses in the field of industrial automation - measurement, regulation and control - and power electronics.
We oversee and produce proprietary technologies that allow us to keep our promises of reliability and quality; we combine the values of a family business with an international management structure, and we are proud of them.