People counting system

Traceability, Localization, Access control

People counting in order to view real-time attendance and behavior</span

The tool with the best intelligence technology in the retail sector

ZAutomation has the best technology in the retail sector. The 3D infrared sensors combined with the RFID system guarantee extreme reliability and offer a guarantee of success supported by our 15 years of experience and the high satisfaction of our customers.

We develop technologies capable of monitoring customer behavior or how often they visit stores and identify the areas that most attract their attention.

Thanks to the monitoring of the Retail KPIs, he will be able to make decisions to optimize his resources and maximize the profitability of the activity.

Our solutions have been designed to guarantee greater precision thus avoiding “false positives”, i.e. unwanted readings.


Customer monitoring solutions are subject to Industry 4.0 incentives

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Employee and supplier attendance control

Access control is often accompanied by the use of RFID technology which is based on memories that contain data, RFid tags, read remotely by special rfid readers.

This technology makes it possible to monitor the entry and exit of employees from the company / offices, thus allowing greater control of dangerous situations (evacuation, gatherings, theft ..) and better shift management.

With RFID technology it is possible to design and equip gates with UHF readers, to be used in industrial environments and warehouses close to loading bays, for the automatic identification management of suppliers.


Hierarchical accesses


Customizable reports


Leaderboards and predictions

With a tailor-made solution, you will be able to monitor company personnel and suppliers and verify their their presence.


Access control solutions for personnel and suppliers are subject to Industry 4.0 incentives

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RFID solutions, together with our 3D infrared sensors, can be used in different business environments, responding to different needs:</ p>

Inputs and outputs

Real-time staff counter and customer analysis

Customer sentiment

Customer analysis, how much they visit the store.

Pedestrian traffic outside

Quality of potential customers passing in front of the store

Interesting sites

Identify the areas that attract customers the most with behavior analysis.

Marketing campaigns

Possibility to improve marketing campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness.

Staff management

Checking the presence of personnel in a specific place

Authorized entrances

Management of entry of authorized personnel in specific areas of expertise

Dangerous situations

Management of dangerous situations such as evacuations, gatherings..

The most reliable tool on the market:

ZAutomation makes use of the most advanced technology on the market: 3D infrared sensors combined with the RFID system.
Thanks to the union of these technologies, it is possible to collect data on inputs and outputs with the utmost precision and with 99% reliability, as well as being able to differentiate between customers and staff.
The data is collected through an independent network and sent directly to the database, where it is processed and analysed.

Our systems are subject to incentives for industry 4.0

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