Macchine per imballaggio, etichettatrici, marcatrici automatiche e nastri trasportatori

Gli esperti di Indevo sono al tuo fianco per sviluppare le soluzioni più adatte alle esigenze della tua azienda

We have been providing business solutions for over 15 years

Our experience allows us to develop tailor-made systems for production and logistics.

We carry out consultancy and provide the most suitable solutions for your needs.



We market and integrate systems with machines capable of printing customized labels and placing them directly on the product.
There are different types of labels but our machines ensure effective application according to your settings and allow you to complete the process. The use of automatic labeling machines will allow you to increase the speed of the production line and increase productivity while reducing errors at the same time. Contact us to define together the most suitable machine to meet your needs, guaranteeing you the best results.
The supply is completed with automatic hot or dry marking of alphanumeric data with all-inclusive handling of automatic loading, stacker for flat products. Possibility of inserting automated unloading. Our machines are equipped with touch screens, vision systems to check the labeling and check the correct position of the label and vision systems to check the correct printing of the barcodes.


We specialize in the marketing and interaction of standard or customized conveyor belts and advanced conveying systems with RFID technology that find applications in a wide range of industries.
We accurately locate only the target tag excluding misrecognition of adjacent tags using a long range RFID technology.
Our technology combined with our experience allow us to read various RFID tags attached to packages moving on the conveyor belt within a radius of 1m without interference.
This technology is easy to use and install due to its small size and thanks to the implementation of high performance antennas (small or large depending on the needs). Our system allows the recognition of tags even at a distance and with high speeds.




Indevo s.r.l. markets and integrates industrial and urban waste sorting systems, dividing them according to the indications provided by the municipality and assigning them to the appropriate disposal areas. These systems are characterized by the presence of a conveyor belt onto which the waste is loaded and then accompanied to a lacerator where the bags containing the waste are broken in order to then be able to sort them.
The waste is then sent to a second conveyor belt where the actual treatment of the materials takes place which can also be
reused. The waste then undergoes automatic or manual separation.
The part of the waste that remains undifferentiated at the end of the process is collected and destined at a later time for further treatments or directly to the combustion plants. The sorting plants that we commercialize can also receive the various waste inputs and transform them into new products, with lower emissions and benefits in terms of energy saving and primary resources.


Thanks to our skills we are able to commercialize and integrate industrial sewing machines.
Our “basic” supply also includes a series of options that will allow you to customize each line based on the needs of each customer.
We can supply specific lines according to the type of fabric. They are extremely flexible and simple lines in their use, easily adaptable to small and medium productions and sometimes even to special products. Thanks to the system that we will develop for you, you will enjoy easier control of the fabric,
increase the speed of the production line, increase productivity and reduce errors.
Contact us to define together the most suitable machine to meet your needs, guaranteeing you the best results. Our machines are equipped with touch screens and vision systems for fabric verification and control.


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