How does it work?

IOTAR is equipped with the advanced Augmented Reality technology that allows you to communicate visually and in real time with the maintenance technician wherever he is.
In the event of breakdown, machine downtime or system malfunctions, the operator must only frame the component on which he needs assistance using the IOTAR App.
IOTAR will take care of the rest, which will put the operator in contact with the maintenance technicians and, from a distance, will guide him step by step to carry out the intervention in a timely manner, solving the problem and reducing machine downtime.

Thanks to the IOTAR App you can improve the timeliness and quality of maintenance and assistance on your systems, with a considerable cost savings.

More speed, less costs

Through the aid of IOTAR for maintenance and remote assistance there is a drastic reduction in maintenance costs and thanks to the speed and ease in the intervention of the operator the normal operation of the plant will be restored by reducing the economic loss linked to production downtime.

Key features: