IOTAR Acquisition SW

Data acquisition system

A data acquisition system is a system designed to record and possibly post-process the measurements of one or more physical quantities.

Speaking of systems, we mean a set of instruments that, when properly connected and set, realize one or more measurement chains. Essential for these systems is that the measurements are recorded on supports (usually sql / no-sql databases) sufficiently stable to have the time to analyze them, or at the very least, be kept for documentary purposes for an indefinite time.

Sistemi di Acquisizione Dati Real-Time

Il nostro prodotto IOTAR Acquisition SW è una black box composta da un'applicazione schedulata con configuratore web volta all’acquisizione e la raccolta dei dati dai PLC in un database centralizzato (cloud pubblico o privato) dalle macchine/database/files del cliente.

IOTAR ACQUISITION SW is a Real-time Data Acquisition System from PLCs for data collection (for example pieces produced, machine status, downtime, temperature, speed, A / D signals, pressures, torque values, high speed signals, etc.) coming from production machines; customized systems suitable for existing industrial infrastructures.

All data is collected by the PLC with the IOTAR Acquisition SW system in real time in SQL or NO-SQL database both in private and public Clouds. Through a functional module our solutions allow to move and synchronize enormous amounts of data in a bidirectional way (thanks to an already tested module it is possible to move, through the simple drag & drop, the data from the PLC to the Database).

Through our IOTAR Acquisition SW data acquisition systems it is possible:

- Monitoring machines and consumption resources;
- The summary of labor times (via industrial terminals, barcode, RFID, NFC, badge);
- Supervision of production lines, with time and machine stop detection (also with the innovative IOTAR Web App);
- A more effective planning, programming and scheduling of production;
-The management of design and production orders thanks to the integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning);
- The calculation of production efficiency;
- A careful quality control;
- End of line labeling;
- Management and maintenance scheduling;
-A more accurate warehouse and logistics management with goods traceability;
- …

On request, for particular integrations with machines (PLC - Digital Signals - Piece Counters - Alarms) we create highly customized software (we prefer Beckhoff technologies, but we are able to adapt to the customer's structure) using VB, C ++, C # technologies .NET and on IOT.