Hardware and firmware design

We follow the customer in all processes

Zautomation manages all the phases of Hardware & Firmware design: from the feasibility study to the definition of project specifications, up to the realization of circuit schematics and board design. The multidisciplinary staff of Zautomation pays particular attention, from the early design phases, to the issues of emission and electromagnetic compatibility of the product to reduce prototyping times and time-to-market. Zautomation has developed, on behalf of its members, several contactless (RFID) and wireless technologies (Wimax, Bluetooth, Wifi), basing its policy on open architectures that allow the real portability of applications and independence from the manufacturer.

Zautomation offers:

  • customer specific products and systems
  • turnkey integrated systems
  • highly innovative consultancy in design.

Design and development of radio frequency modules.

Zautomation designs and develops modular solutions starting from the development of the PCB up to the realization of the Firmware. The preliminary study phase includes, in addition to feasibility checks, also the search for the components suitable for the implementation of the project, taking into account their impact on production costs. Zautomation takes care of the design of the electronic diagrams and the layout of the PCB, following design rules to avoid problems of emission and electromagnetic compatibility. The prototyping phase includes testing and testing of the card, verification of electromagnetic emissions and, where required, CE certification.

Integration of radio frequency modules 

The integration of radio frequency modules into complex systems is based on the development of complete hardware and software platforms that integrate wireless modules into environments based on Linux and Windows embedded operating systems. The specific experience of Zautomation in wireless technologies – RFID, Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wimax – allows the development of integrated systems usable within embedded systems. As part of RFID, Zautomation integrates HF and UHF modules in complex platforms, facilitating the use of this technology in the new application scenarios that are expected: electronic payment, access control, monitoring goods, to name a few. The presence within Zautomation of companies with specific production capacities in hardware systems based on radio technologies gives the guarantee of a rapid transition from the design phase to the prototyping and implementation phase